Monday, March 7, 2011

SEAMS TO ME Giveaways Galore!

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Generation T: Beyond Fashion from Workman Publishing

I love repurposing t-shirts. They are so inexpensive and can be found in so many great colors and designs. I'd love to see all the kid projects in this book, but then again I may not want more ideas of how to use t-shirts since I have no more room to store craft ad sewing supplies.

Sewing School from Storey Publishing

I'd love to have some idea of what type of projects to first attempt with Emahry. she loves to watch me sew, but I'm not exactly sure how to begin teaching her. This book would be a great resource for anyone trying to pass on a love of sewing to a child.

The Sweater Chop Shop from Storey Publishing

Okay, I've only gotten up the nerve to chop one sweater, but it was so much fun that I have a small stash of ugly sweaters waiting for new life. I'd love to find some hideous Christmas sweaters and turn them into adorable stockings for our family. I also love the sweater pillow on the cover of this book.

The Sewing Answer Book from Storey Publishing

I'd love to win the book for my sister (after I take a peek of course). I think this would be a great resource for her to add to her library as she begins sewing more and more. I love how the chapters make navigation easier ad the question answer format makes finding the specific information you're looking for less time consuming.

One-Yard Wonders from Storey Publishing 

I absolutely love one yard projects. Although I'm definitely not tiny enough to make myself any clothing out of a single yard, I have managed to make a few things for the girls with only one yard of fabric. I love that this means I can splurge a little and get designer fabric as opposed to the cheaper prints. I'm also drooling over the organizer on the front cover of this book. I need one of those for ever drawer in my house.

Crafty Mama from Workman Publishing

The part that sound the best about this book is the adjective FAST in the cover description. With three little ones ad another on the way the only projects that typically get completed are the ones that I can crank out during a naptime or at the very most one weekend. this book would be a great way to get some more quick crafting ideas.

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